Saturday, June 18, 2011


What a busy week.  I'm currently in the opening weekend of my latest project, "Corpus Christi," here in San Antonio.  I am exhausted physically and emotionally, but creatively and spiritually, I feel stronger than ever. 

I hope everyone enjoyed my recipe for Sticky Rice with Mung Beans as well as the retrospective on my Auntie Nora and the power of words and positive reinforcement.  It was a family-oriented week, wasn't it?  But in the culture I was raised, that's exactly what food goes best with: family, friends, and loved ones.

Coming up this Monday I have a must-have recipe for all cooks: vegetable stock.  I'm still hard at work on my birthday cake.  Here's a hint....avocado.  And I hope to have a posting for you about restaurants and how to set yourself up for success while dining out.   Judging from the responses to the last poll, it is a challenge for many others besides myself.

A thought in closing: 

All that you receive is in direct relation to all that you give away. 
The less you hold on to, the freer you are to embrace that which is given.

Have a beautiful weekend. :)

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