Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happiness and the Holidays

Light amidst the darkness.

It's Christmas Day, and instead of being out with friends, singing carols and drinking mulled cider or non-dairy nog, I'm bundled up at home after a day of sweating, lightheadedness, and muscle cramps.  No, I'm not referring to Bikram yoga, but rather the unpleasant aftermath of ingesting gluten inadvertently.

Not fun.

But alas, if anything, it brings into perspective what the Holidays are all about, at least for me.  It's not about the presents, fancy wrapping paper or tinsel wrapped trees, or who throws the best party.  It's about valuing each other, and ourselves, for exactly who we are.  Realizing that we are worthy of love, that we are each good enough,  regardless of where we are on our respective journeys. And celebrating the faith that can carry us through our most trying times.  

So though I won't be able to spend today with family or friends or go see Les Miserables, that won't stop the Christmas spirit from being alive and well with me.  If we each can feel just a little of that spirit within us, then we can be together, regardless of distance or circumstance.  United.  And with everything that has come to pass in the last month, I think we could really use that right now.

I hope you have a beautiful and happy Holiday.  And whether it's with family, friends, or by yourself, know what an amazing gift it is to simply be.  

We are loved, each and every one of us.


  1. Yes, another quiet Holiday over here as well. We were really tired over here after having spent 3 Days with Miss Lyla. It was a white Christmas too and we're currently snowstormed inside. As the years go on, it's never about the parties, it's just more about the people you love. So, whether you're right next to them or with them in spirit, all that matters is that you share your love with them. I'm sharing a mug full of Salabat with you, kuya. Mahal kita =)

    1. And I am thoroughly enjoying it, ading. Mahal kita. :)

  2. I was in NYC on Christmas Day. Instead of doing all the usual Christmas stuff, I slept late, then walked on the High Line, an elevated rail that has been turned into a 20 block park in Manhattan. Then I visited some Jewish friends in Brooklyn and we had tea and gluten-free cookies and snacks and just took the day easy. Great day, very simple. Hope you're feeling better.

    1. Simple is always the way to go in my book, Rachel. You've reminded me how much I want to go visit the High Line - the seed has officially been planted. And I am back to happy and healthy - Thanks for asking! :)


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