Monday, December 16, 2013

The Beauty of Next

I know I'm a broken record, but I love cooking and baking in the Fall.   I honestly cannot say it enough.    From the beautiful seasonal produce in hues to match the foliage on trees, the comfort of a hot oven warming the kitchen aromatically as winds, rain, and snow swirl outside, to gatherings and reunions that allow us to see one another in a light of gratitude and blessings, there isn't another time of year that inspires me more.

When I speak of inspiration, of course that includes the kitchen - if I could write a blog that just focused on Autumn-inspired recipes year-round, I would be totally set.  But my inspiration also includes the rest of my life and the pace with which I am moving ahead on my journey.  Taking my dreams, that for my own good, are often placed on a shelf far out of reach during the business and harried clip of Spring and Summer, and dusting them off and relocating them eye-level during these cooler months.

Dreams of owning my own restaurant.  Dreams of opening a bed and breakfast retreat to restore the connection between our minds, bodies, and the fabric of the world around us.  My dreams of being a father and raising a family.  My dreams of writing books.  Dreams of acceptance speeches at the Tonys and Oscars, proudly serving as a role model for actors/artists of color searching for permission to express themselves.  My dreams of giving back to those who expect nothing in return, and reaching out even further to those who need it most.

So just as the trees around us are letting go of their fiery-colored leaves, perennials are dying back and retreating to the safety of the earth, and squirrels prepare to hibernate by hoarding nuts in divots that make our yards look like an unfinished Pac-Man game, I feel a similar change in season within me.  Preparing myself for the multitude of changes that have not yet occurred, but that I know are already set in motion.  Preparing to let go and surrender to the journey.

For now that I have placed my dreams in reach, I can make them an everyday ingredient in my thoughts, my words, and my vision of the world.  Planting seeds in fertile soil to flourish, to challenge, and to propel me towards what is waiting.  What is next.

And that is beautiful.

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