Sunday, May 11, 2014

Honor, Gratitude, & Remembrance

It all starts somewhere.

Whenever anyone remarks on my kindness, my smile, my compassion, my passion for taking care of others, and my memory for details, I always give credit where credit is due.  And the lion's share would easily go to the two women who raised me:  my Mother and her Mother.

On this day, I seek to honor and celebrate the wisdom that has been passed down - from my Grandmother to my Mother and then onto me.   To live my life in the ways that would make them proud: To always be gracious, thankful, and patient; to be a provider that others can depend upon; to respect the Earth and all that live alongside me; to stand up for what I know in my heart is right; and to actively seek my dreams so others may find permission to do the same.

The final time I saw them together in 2012.

Some of her favorite foods at her altar for Mother's Day.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of my grandmother's passing, and the week leading up to it has been emotional to say the least.  But it seems right that Mother's Day should follow so closely.  To bring back into focus just how important these two women are to my life, recognizing their touch in all that I say and do.  To realize the legacy that has been entrusted to me and to remind me exactly where I came from so I may know where I am going.  To know that all that I do and will do started with them and their willingness to nurture my gifts and continue to love me even when I was less than loving in return.  

To pay all of it forward.

On this Mother's Day, may we be grateful for the people who have been Mothers to us.  And may that honor and that gratitude illuminate every twist, bump, and oasis in our journey, whether it be behind us, underneath our feet, or in a distance unknown.

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