Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How Time Flies...

12 years ago today I stepped off a plane to live in Austin, Texas.

People in Michigan asked, "Why would you want to move to Texas?"  I would begin by telling that I was pursuing my Ph.D. at The University of Texas, but also added that Austin was kind of like "an oasis" in the middle of the state to see if that might ease their look of confusion/bafflement/pity.  It usually didn't.

But that's probably because that wasn't the answer to their question.

Knowing what I know now, I moved to Texas to:
  • reconnect with my passion for the stage
  • rediscover my mind/body without medication
  • reaffirm the infinite potential to heal from within
  • learn that the lectures from trees, rivers, and dragonflies could be just as informative as those from professors, if not more so.
  • own my beauty, inside, out, and beyond
  • find a family bonded by artistry, higher truth, and example
  • bring my understanding of "foodie" to a whole new level
  • finally let go of the things in my life that make me unwell
  • understand that a leader of one is still a leader
  • be part of a community undefined by city limits, fences, or walls
  • survive love, and also survive being loved in return
  • shine with happiness, fulfillment, and curiosity

What you want and what you need are not necessarily the same thing. Sometimes you must stumble upon it by mistake or via pursuit of something else. But when you find each other, you know without a doubt that you are in the right place - to finally want what it is that you need. 

And through my presence here as a "canary who sings because of his circumstances, not in spite of them," I hope to pay that forward:  The life-altering beauty of knowing that you are in the right place at the right time, even if just for the briefest of moments.

Thank You, from my heart to yours, for supporting me on my journey as it continues to unfold.

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