Monday, October 27, 2014

Maple Nut Granola Clusters:
From Silvana's Kitchen to Yours

"To this day, it still astonishes me that with just a little knowledge, 
we can make dishes that have the power to help the body heal itself."

These words wonderfully capture the ethos of Silvana Nardone's advocacy and leadership within the gluten-free community.  When her son, Isaiah, was diagnosed with gluten and dairy sensitivity, she, too, had to undergo a transformation of perspective that many of us know all too well.  What to buy?  What not to  buy?  What is okay and what is not….  How to make this, that, or those…..


Thursday, October 23, 2014


I have been away for a while.

79 days to be exact since I last published anything on The Canary Files.  And while I have missed writing and sharing here, what I learned (and am continuing to learn) in the time since was a lesson long overdue.  A lesson that I could no longer conveniently keep on the back burner, pretend was not there, or place into a box wrapped with a perfectly tied bow.

A lesson that I knew would be difficult to write about and that I would procrastinate long and hard about formulating into words.